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Bhante Buddhaghosa

Bhante Buddhaghosa, the senior most Buddhist monk of Nepal and the Sangha Nayaka (head of the community of monks) of the country, passed away on 24 September 2011 at Sumangala Buddha Vihara, Lalitpur. He was 91. A simple monk versed in the scriptures and a practitioner of the path of peace as taught by the Buddha,22 Buddhaghosa earned the respect of his followers for spreading the message of peace by founding Pariyatti Shiksha (Buddhist education) and teaching it to Nepal‘s youth in a scientific way.

Buddhaghosa has also written 22 books (in Nepali and Newari) pertaining to the Tipitaka, the Buddhist canon, and contributed articles and translations from Pali to Nepal Bhasa and Nepali. Bhante Buddhaghosa has been honored for his teachings and special contributions to the Sixth Sangha Nayaka canonical council of monks which were held in Yangon, Myanmar from 1954-56. Then Burmese government honored him with the degree of ―Aggamaha Saddhammajotika dhaja (light of supreme teaching).

List of Residential Monks at ShreeSumagala Vihara


DOB: Jan 15, 1957
High Ordination: Oct 29,1957
Received PhD at sampurnanda Sanskrit University, Varanasi,India

Ven. Pannasara Sthavira

High Ordination: June 11,2002
Tripitaka Visarada
M Phil
Received BA University of Peradeniya,SriLanka


Ven. Pannaratana Sthavira

DOB: Oct 8, 1978
High Ordination: June 11,2002
Main Field: Buddhist Philosophy
Received MA in Buddhist Studies from Tribhuvan University


Ven. Punna

DOB: Nov 16, 1989
High Ordination: Feb 8, 2008
Received MA in Buddhist Studies from Tribhuvan University

Ven. Khema

High Ordination:
Received MA in Buddhist Studies from Tribhuvan University

Ven. Soma

DOB: March 25, 1990
High Ordination: July 24, 2012
Received BA in Buddhist Leadership from Srilanka International Buddhist Academy 

Ven. Santa

DOB: April 13, 1991
High Ordination: July 24,2012
Received MA in Buddhist Studies from Tribhuvan University

Samanera Sumanatissa