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Pariyatti Shikhaya
Diploma in Pali and Abbidhamma
Bachelor of Art in Buddhism Studies and Humanities


Anekajati samsaram sandhavissam anibbisam. Gahakarakam gavesanto dukhha jati punappunam. Gahakaraka dittho'si puna geham na kahasi. Sabba te phasuka bhagga gahakautam visankhitam Visankharagatam cittam tanhanam khayamajjhaga.


There are more than 19 Buddhism books publication  from shree sumangala vihar. some books are available for sale.






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Recent Events

Gulah Dhamma- Desana

Gulah is a month of long practice during the period from full moon of August to full moon of september (shrawan to Bhadra). It is a festival celebrted by Newar Baudha Community. In the first time, it was celebrated in sumagala Vihara in 2011.

Robe Offering-Kathina Daan

The three-month rains-retreat seclusion of Buddhist Saṅgha concludes with the  pavāraṇā (invitation) ceremony, which is in turn followed by Kaṭhina robe offering festival. It is a traditional ceremony and ancient custom mostly found in the Theravada Buddhist tradition.Kaṭhina means “hard”, “stiff”, “difficult”, etc. The word Kaṭhina denotes a cloth offered to the monks annually after the end of the rains-retreat (vassāvāsa).

Parittan Path Chanting

Paritta (Pali), generally translated as "protection" or "safeguard," refers to the Buddhist practice of reciting certain verses and scriptures in order to ward off misfortune or danger, as well as to the specific verses and discourses recited as paritta texts. The belief in the effective power to heal, or protect, of the saccakiriya, or asseveration of something quite true is an aspect of the work ascribed to the paritta.


Bhante Buddhaghosa, the Chief Prelate of Nepal: His contribution to peace in Nepal

Bhante Buddhaghosa, the senior most Buddhist monk respected as the Sanghanayaka (Head of the assembly of monks) of Nepal, passed away last Saturday (24th Sep. 2011) at Sumangala Buddha Vihara, Lunkhusi, Lalitpur. Bhante Buddhaghosa was 91 when he passed away. A simple yet learned monk of scriptures and practitioner of the path of peace as taught by the Buddha, has earned respect for his service of spreading the message of peace by founding the Pariyatti Shiksha (Buddhist education)  Noted monks and nuns of today’s Nepal and abroad for their religious services – Bhante Sumangala, Bhante Sudassana (Sudarshan), Bhante Jnanapunnika, Guruma Madhavi, Guruma Dhammavati - are his disciples.

Besides his teachings, Bhante Buddhaghosa has also written 22 books pertaining to Tipitaka, the Buddhist canon, contributed articles and translations from Pali to Nepal Bhasa and Khas Bhasa as well. Bhante Buddhaghosa has also been honored for his teachings and special contributions to the Sixth Dhammasanghayana canonical council of monks assembled in Yangon, Burma from all over the world. 

The then Burmese government honored Bhante Buddhaghosa with the degree of “Aggamahasaddhammajotikadhaja (Light of supreme teaching)" to the greater respect of the people of Nepal)